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Anyway, so I'm 27 weeks along now. ^.^ I'm 13 weeks away from giving birth. I'm getting more and more anxious. >.> Anyway, time to update on a lot of things. Well, I lost a couple of friends in the process of my pregnancy, but for me, that's a good thing. I don't want to simply just let my daughter around people who just seem like a bad influence on her life. We want to raise her around an environment that was different from ours. I'm just sure I did the right thing. And now we have a middle name for her. Her full name is Aliyana Anaise Tiller. I'm so happy we finally decided on something. Now, to get to the hospital and make trip after trip to the bathroom and the doctor. >.> Ugh!~ I can't believe that it's February already. That only means two things to me. 1.It's Black History Month. 2. MY 21ST BIRTHDAY IS ON THE 20TH!~ I'm completely excited to turn 21. Well, not really because I don't drink and I certainly never had a heart to go to the club. OMG!~ I have to go. Times are getting crazy. ^.^

Ok, I'll admit. I messed up...

I forgot to come to this blog or journal every so often. And for that, I have to apologize. I forget a lot of things ever so often. I've been having one of the worst months of my life. So much drama, so little time. I don't care to discuss it because it would take up most of this space and I have no idea how much longer I can go and just not update. Anyway, I'm 6 months in!!! Oh!~ I can't wait to meet her! My daughter of course!~ Aliyana is taking a while to get here, but I can wait. That's just the type of mother I'm gonna be. Ohhhhhh, I was wondering if she's gonna be stubborn like me. Or easy going like her dad. >.> I'm still thinking about that. OH! The joy of having kids. If only I could go to Japan and tell them the wonders of having kids and still being able to be independent. It's such an awesome feeling. Anyway, Who the hell does SOPA think they are? What the hell?! I can't live without my facebook and twitter. I wish a bitch would come and take my twitter. Imma go completely insane. >.> OMGoodness what is this world coming to? Everything is happening so fast. This year really started off with a bang...and I don't like the bang. ><; I just want everything to go back to normal. The way things was. Anyway, today is my mom's birthday. And my poor mother had to work. ><; I felt really bad for her. But, next weekend will be all to her. We're gonna take her out and stuff and like, it's gonna be awesome. At least it will take my mind off some things that's been going on since last weekend. Well, gotta go!~ Bye~じゃね!~

Stress.....something I don't need!

Well, a new year and the stress is as high as it can be. >.> This my friends is freakin ridiculous. Now, I'm trying to go to bed, and I'm here trying to put in a new entry. What a hypocrite I am yet again. Anyway, I have to go register, but I can't because of stinking transportation reasons. It's making me sick to be honest. I want to go to school but can't. Oh well, we'll see what happens. Anyway, my sister can be really insensitive sometimes. Not caring about anyone feelings but her own. It's just plain selfish. >.> Anyway, I have to go do some things dealing with the baby in a couple of weeks, that's right....We have to take a tour of the place. It's freakin scary I'm telling ya. I'm not ready to give birth yet, which is why I'm glad I'm only 5 and 1/2 months down the line. This thing here is getting to me. You know what, I said I was gonna go to bed, and I haven'y gotten up from the computer yet. I'm such an idiot. Well, I gotta go. Bye!~
Hello!~ お久しぶり!~ I know, I've been away. Well, the pregnancy for one is keeping me from doing a lot. Then, I've been trying to get all my traveling in before I actually be stuck at home. Now, about 2012. I think that I shouldn't be making resolutions because something there will be days when I can't make time for myself. Baby, boyfriend, school, work, cooking dinner, making sure that the house is clean. All that in between. It's gonna be hard. Well, that's where I put my big girl panties on and just take care of everything by myself. lol I'm pretty sure I will be able to do it. Well, I think this is the part where I go. Bye!~

Well, time to tell ya!~

I'M HAVING A GIRL!!!!!! I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it......IMMA 'BOUT TO LOSE CONTROL AND I THINK I LIKE IT! Well, anyway, the pictures were completely difficult at first. She wouldn't move for nothing in this world. >.>; Then, we finally get her to show us what she was. BAM! Aliyana came in clear view. ^.^ Yea, that's her name. Aliyana ---- -------. Yep, I don't know her middle name yet, and she has her father's last name. I have no idea what to give her as a middle name. >.> Lost as a bird with no wings. >.> More confused than a cow on turf grass. I think I have to go to a baby's book. The last thing I wanted to do. Oh well, whatever comes to me. I'm just really excited. Now, I feel like a mother. Like, I'm going to be bringing someone in this world. Just the excitement makes me feel like I'm on cloud nine. Well, I have to go. Cooking for my sister and I. Bye!~ ばいばいみんなーさん!~


Tomorrow I find out what I'm having. I'm too excited. Maybe its a boy. I have a feeling for some reason. OMG!~ I still can't believe I'm gonna be a mother. >.> I just said I wasn't going to be a mother until I was 25. Well, I guess God has His way of showing that He's still boss in my life. >.> Anyway, I just have been feeling morning sickness and it's like....UGH! Who's idea was this?! Well, I gotta finish cleaning up. See ya!~

I'm so confused right now...

Well, I'm more confused than a cow on turf grass. >.> Okay, so I guess my boyfriend needed money to get gas to bring me to my appointment, and like, she was fine with it. So, bills came in and I was like "Okay. She said she had it under control." So, I didn't worry about anything. So, today, she had called me and asked me to tell my boyfriend that she needs her $10 back. On top of that, she sounded really hostile. I didn't mind if she would've just told me that she needed the money back, but to just keep reminding me and to keep saying that "I need it back" its making me really upset. Like, why all of a sudden, you need the money so bad? >.> I thought that she was going to have the money up-to-date and that she had everything under control. Something doesn't make sense to me, all this money and all of a sudden, it's gone. >.> That doesn't make any sense. AT ALL. I just feel like it's completely unnecessary to badger someone over money that someone claimed that they had. Just utter fuckery. Anyway, the morning sickness is making me feel like...UGH! IDK...I think it's the medicine or something. Anyway, I'm just gonna sign off here and go to my bedroom and just freakin chill. lol  

Dec. 3rd, 2011

I had a good Thanksgiving. How about y'all? Anyway, the baby moved a lot more than it used to. Maybe because it's getting closer to where it can actually start to tell it's just a baby, IDK what I just said. >.> I just don't understand sometimes myself. LOL Anyway, I shopped for Black Friday and it was chaotic!~ I'll never do that again. Well, I gotta go!~ Bye!~~~~ 


 Well, I maybe forgot my password...again...but that doesn't mean that I'm a bad person. LOL Ok, maybe it makes me a little bad. So what, I'm pregnant. I'm having pregnancy brain. XDDD Anyway, Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I have to go to 4 different houses. sarcasm begins I'm so excited. I can't wait to see everyone's face. ^.^ sarcasm ends I'm pretty sure I won't be that bad. Maybe I might like it after all. Well, am I the only one that has this feeling of "Yamapi is a complete tool" sort of aura playing in their heads. IDK, just for some reason, I don't like him no more. Well, I never liked Ryo Nishikido to begin with him and his creepy nose fetish is what did the whole thing. The nail in the coffin. I can't believe how this whole year played out to be honest. >.> Johnny's have been kinda tripping and K-pop is almost overrated.WAY OVERRATED!!!! Well, I gotta go. Gotta do things for tomorrow. ^.^ 


I have a very good reason why I was gone so long...I forgot my username and password and this stupid place would never find it, so I gave up for a while. Anyway, guess what...I'M HAVING A BABY!!!! That's right...you read that sucker right...I'm 4 months pregnant. Now, I have to just get my calendar for the next 18 years in motherhood, and I'll be doing really great. College isn't really that bad, but by me changing my major, I have to wait until January to go back. ><; That sucks big time. >.> Anyway, yes, I still love our boys just they way they are...except for that I'm more of a JYJ supporter. >.> ごめんなさい Anyway, I can't wait to be a mom. For some strange reason, I can see me being so cool at what I do. You know, I speak a little Japanese while the father on the other hand is a huge, football playing, college graduate, black guy who doesn't mind that I speak a little Japanese around the kid. I'm so happy. とてもうれしいい!~ Well, I have to go. Baby is starting to move a lot and it kinda annoys me. Good night!~



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